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#NSLCENGN - Learning from failures with Dr. Filler

Georgia Tech Chemical Engineering professor Dr. Filler spoke to #NSLCENGN students about experiencing failure in their careers.
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Funky Flatbreads

Pizza and college go together like peanut butter and jelly, but too many slices can really pack on the pounds. While you don't have to swear off pizza forever, try a lighter pie-- er, flatbread-- that packs just as much flavor.
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Fit by the Fork: Need a cheap and easy meal? “Cluck” here for inspiration

I hope I’m not offending any vegetarians, but this week, it’s all about the poultry and protein. I bet you’ve probably smelled them from two or three aisles away at Kroger or Walmart and you might have even salivated from just looking at the perfectly-seasoned, brown skin that shimmers under that clear plastic lid.
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Happy Medium

"Amid the cluster of construction vehicles and chain-link fences on West Union Street are the familiar storefronts of The Union Bar & Grill, Jackie O's, and GoodFella's Pizza. Now, there's a new shop on the block. Boasting both men's and women's apparel, 10 West Clothing Co. offers shoppers a variety of styles at bargain prices. Simply put, affordability is what owner Mary Cheadle aims for."
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Hungry for Self-sustainability

When a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince in 2010, the population was pushed deeper into its battle with extreme poverty. Thousands of people died, families were separated and the country’s free market economy plunged. Nonprofit organizations, charities and relief efforts flooded into Haiti for support, and though six years have passed since the earthquake, the country is still picking up the pieces.
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Paws on Patrol

It isn’t the handguns, Taser guns or other weapons used by police that are most effective in taking down a criminal or suspect. It’s a jet-black, wet nose. Don’t be fooled by its cuteness — that animal is here to work. Since the Athens Police Department’s K-9 unit became defunct in August 2014, Athens County has integrated canines into two local police units to create the safest community possible. A dog’s powerful sense of smell is what makes it the bread and butter of law enforcement, especially when it comes to narcotics and bomb detection.
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Sandwich Spots

Why we love it: Come here when you're looking for a late-night bite. The Ohio City spot, which is open until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, serves sandwiches with au jus and kettle chips. "If you want it with crunch, we put the chips on top of the sandwich," says owner Alex Gleason. "And you can order [the sandwich] wet, dry or soaked."
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The Healthiest You: Drive Club

Check out these three tips on how to get motivated to stay active. We've all got our excuses why we're not exercising. Here are some tips on how to deal with three major motivation drainers. Put working out on your to-do list as you would an appointment or meeting. Aim for mornings because you're more likely to be distracted later in the day, says Scott Crabiel, a personal training coordinator at Akron General Health and Wellness Center.
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Patriot Act

Though Dan Folino, the 37-year-old star of American Idiot, wouldn't call himself a fan of Green Day's music, he does know a thing or two about being a rock star. Folino, who plays the angsty young Johnny in the Beck Center for the Arts' rendition of the rock opera July 10-Aug. 16, spent 10 years fronting the glam-rock band vanityCrash.
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Funding Regional Ventures

In Ohio’s poorest county, entrepreneurs in Athens might struggle to find a foothold in the community. For technologically innovative businesses, TechGROWTH Ohio is taking entrepreneurs from the startup phase to explosive success in just a few years by giving them the fuel they need to advance. Such is the case for Ecolibrium Solar, which has more than doubled its sales each year and counting.
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The Past is Present

A dedicated troupe of storytellers keeps Appalachian heritage alive. Off to the left of the circulation desk inside Athens Public Library, there are a couple of storytellers settling into a semicircle of chairs. As they talk, they do an inventory of equipment: a tambourine, harmonica, drums and more.
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Hundreds hoping to find love attend casting call for ABC’s “The Bachelor”

Eligible men and women in pursuit of true love traveled to Crocker Park Sunday to audition for the ABC hit reality show “The Bachelor.”. At the open casting call, hundreds of potential contestants signed in, filled out an application, and then waited in line to have their picture taken. The final step was an individual three to five minute on-camera interview with casting directors from the show and News Channel 5, casting producer Sunny Willebrand said.
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Emily McIntyre

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- Class of 2017
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- Minor: French
-Specializations: English and Nutrition

St. John's University:
- Digital Media Producer (November 2017-present)

National Student Leadership Conference:
- Social Media Coordinator (Summer 2017)

Southeast Ohio magazine:
- Editor-in-Chief (Spring 2017)

Thread magazine:
- Writer (Fall 2016-Spring 2017)

The Post newspaper
- Columnist (Fall 2016-Spring 2017)

Global Spotlight (Institute for International Journalism e-magazine):
- Editor-in-Chief (Fall 2016)
- Writer (Fall 2016)

Backdrop magazine:
- Managing Editor (Spring 2015-Spring 2016)
- Writer (Fall 2013-Spring 2016)

- NSLC Social Media Coordinator (Summer 2017)
- HGTV Magazine (Summer 2016)
- Cleveland Magazine (Summer 2015)
- West Life & The Press Newspapers (Summer 2014)



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